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It all starts with you - choose happy

It all starts with you - choose happy

Monday wasn't a very good day for me. I got to work and immediately felt tears behind the surface of my eyes. I felt on edge, overwhelmed and anxious. I was questioning everything, looking at everything with a negative thought process and just being a debbie downer if I'm being honest. From hating my job to hating my body, my mind was racing with negative thoughts that were clearly taking over my positive ones. I left work and darted towards my car before bursting into tears. The kind of tears I hadn't had in a while. I drove to my mums as I continued to cry, almost out of breath,  walked into her office and pretty much collapsed onto her office desk (rather dramatic, I know). I pretty much just word vomited, cried and complained until it was all gone. Feeling emotionally exhausted, I went home and chatted to my best friend about it and we both agreed that I had been overthinking and approaching the whole day destined for a bad one. I vowed to myself that the next day I'd start the day with a positive mind with positive thoughts and positive actions. 

And that's exactly what I did and I had an excellent day. I woke up and told myself I was going to have a good day. I told myself I was stronger then my anxious, negative  and worrying thoughts. I told myself that I was enough just the way I am. 

This was a massive reminder for me of how purely important our thoughts & mind frame is. Spend your whole day walking around with negative thoughts? Probably going to have a bad day. Approach the day with positivity? The likelihood of you having a bad day has decreased dramatically.

I urge you to choose to be positive. Choose to be happy. 

Sure we all have our days when it feels like the worlds caving in on us and nothings going right but the beauty of days is that they end. We are human. We can't feel 100% happy, inspired and amazing every single day. I also think that having these days that feel awful really makes you appreciate all the good days you have. I guarantee that if I didn't have an emotionally fueled day at the start of the week it wouldn't have put into perspective and be a huge reminder to how important my thoughts and mind frame is. You could be having the worst day in the world but it will always come to an end, the sun will set and tomorrow will be a new chance. 

I have waffled on about positive affirmations a bit on Lunaslogic but I'll say it now and look I'll probably say it another 100 times BUT I swear by them. After my bad day I wrote down a new passage of affirmations to say to myself everyday. I wanted to share it with you. 

"I am free form anxiety, negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. I am capable of anything, there is no limit to what I can achieve. I am worthy of what I feel, worthy of happiness and worthy of love. I love myself exactly how I am as I work towards what I want to achieve. I am calm. I am enough" 

Anyway, in summary, bad days are bad but they end. Your mind frame and thoughts are the most important part. Choose to be happy. You have the power to control it all. 

With love, 

Gracie x 

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