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Why going vegan was the best thing I ever did for my mind, body & soul

Why going vegan was the best thing I ever did for my mind, body & soul

Believe it or not I use to be that person who swore she could never go vegan. I would watch Youtubers or meet people who were vegan and I honestly thought they were crazy. I’d always throw the famous line, “Oh god I couldn’t never be vegan, I love cheese way too much”. Well, it’s been about a year now and I’ve never been so in love with my lifestyle.


Going vegan for me was so much more than just changing what I was eating. It changed what I stood for, it grew my passions and ethics and it has allowed me to grow my love of cooking and food.


I’m not really sure at what point my mind switched and I started on my journey to become vegan. I honestly think I did it subconsciously without even knowing it! But here’s a little back story.


Growing up I was never a crazy meat eater anyway, due to coming from a pretty cruisy family. We often ate meals with a lot of Asian influence like stir fry’s and soups! Both my mum and dad are amazing cooks, so I was a pretty lucky gal growing up! As I got older and I started having to take responsibility for my food, preparing my lunch and cooking my dinners sometimes, I honestly did not care what I was eating. I would eat anything and everything, I’m talking having meat pies for an afternoon “snack”, which still makes me cringe to this day.


As I got into my teens and started to become more body conscious, I would try so hard to eat (what I thought) was healthy. I remember I even had a little calendar next to my bed to tick off the days I had eaten healthy…. Within two or three days EVERYTIME, I would fail. I would always find myself slipping off the band wagon and binging on something I knew wasn’t good for me and feeling super guilty afterwards.


I honestly think having this kind of relationship with food is way more toxic then we think!


My older sister was vegan/vegetarian for over six years and I always looked up to her and wished I could do the same, but I always doubted that I’d actually be able to. Years went on of the same cycle, trying to eat healthy but failing. I was always tried, severely anaemic and pretty god damn lazy.


I slowly started seeing more and more documentaries and Facebook videos on animal agriculture and the impact that it has on our bodies and our planet and it did start to resinate with me.


It took me a while but the more that I learnt about meat and the meat industry the more it felt wrong to eat it and be involved in the destruction. It got to the point that when I did eat meat I felt so sick I’d get stomach pains and vomit. I stated to see meat like ham and chicken for what it was, a pig and a chicken, not meat and certainly not in my right to eat.


Fast forward about two years of slowly going vegetarian and now thriving off a vegan whole food plant based diet I can honestly say that I’ve never felt better.


Going vegan has made me see food as much more then something that is tasty or yummy.

Food is our fuel. Food is our medicine.


Knowing that I am not contributing to the harm and destruction of animals, the environment and my body makes everything seemed aligned. I no longer have the guilt that comes with eating meat and animal products that everyone seems to push to the back of their minds. My mind is the clearest it’s ever been, and I’ve never had more energy. I use to sleep in to at least 8am every day and find it a struggle to get going. Now I wake up at around 6am, I’ll meditate, exercise, do yoga, write, play with my cats, climb a mountain... ok maybe not all in the same morning but ya get my drift.


Another amazing benefit I have noticed is that I hardly EVER get sick! And if I do feel like I’m coming down with a cold I will get onto it straight away with health remedies and it’ll go away. As I mentioned previously, I use to be extremely anaemic (low iron levels) and I was often sick for months on end, I had no energy and always felt lethargic. Well, I got my blood taken the other day and my iron tested the other day and it’s never been higher. Yahhooooo!


Now my diet is full of fruit, veggies, nuts and beans! I’ve never been so in love with cooking and now never really crave “junk food”. I don’t feel restricted and that’s one of the main things. I WANT to nourish my body with what It needs, because it’s pretty damn good to me!


You don’t need animal products to live and be healthy, you don’t need to contribute to the violence and harm. Everything you need is provided for us already by the earth. I promise you that everything will make so much more sense once your vegan.

Lol I never thought I’d be that vegan preacher but here we are! Just speakin da truth.


With love, 

Gracie x

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