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Breath, your best friend

Breath, your best friend

It’s with you everywhere. Everyday it’s right along-side you. From the moment, we enter this world until the moment we leave, literally supporting you and carrying you through life.

I’m talking about the breath. Simple but so extremely powerful, much more powerful than most of us give it credit for anyway.

Most of us would have heard the saying, “Don’t forget to breathe” over the course of our life time, I mean, we don’t actually stop breathing, but often as our days get consumed by the hustle and bustle that is our everyday lives, our breath becomes short, shallow and basically forgotten about. Our shoulders become tense, our jaw starts to clench and our chest becomes tight.

The breath is our life force. We inhale and exhale around 20,000 times a day but when we are in moments of stress or anxiety it is the first thing that desserts us. When we need it the most?

There’s been several studies and scientific research into the power of the breath, how it can control/impact us physically, emotionally and have healing benefits.

Our bodies are made to release 70% of its toxins through the breath, so when we’re not taking long, deep inhales and exhales this becomes difficult. Along with releasing toxins, breathing properly and deeply also releases tension, brings clarity, massages your organs, relieves pain, boosts energy levels…. I could go on but I think you get it!

So how do we breathe properly? We need to breathe deep into our abdomen not just into our chest. Breathing should be deep, slow and rhythmic.

Here’s a link that further goes into detail about the power of our breath and how to harness it.

Simply taking three deep breaths can have the power to shift your mind frame, wake up your body and refresh your mind.


I remember calling my mum after I had a super stressful day and felt full of anxiety, as I went on rambling about how awful my day was and how I couldn’t shake the feeling she replied, “Did you remember to breathe?”. I paused because I hadn’t. I hadn’t taken a big breath all day but as soon as we got off the phone I consciously took big, deep breaths throughout the rest of the day and felt almost instantly better.

So, take this little spiel about the breath as your reminder to breathe. Whether your anxious about starting university, bombarded with work or simply just want to improve your overall well-being, breathe.

With love,

Gracie x

For breath is life, and if you breathe well you will live long on earth. – Sanskrit Proverb

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