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Why You Should Start Meditating Today

Why You Should Start Meditating Today

Lets talk meditation. The power. The history. And why you should impliment it in your everyday life.

It is well known that the act of meditation isn't a new phenomenon, in fact the the earliest documented record of mediation was waaaaay back in 1500 BCE stemming from Vedas teaching in acident India! In 653 CE the first meditation hall was opened in Japan, fast forward to the 1960's and Hatha meditation started to gain popularity in America and Europe. But why you may ask! 


The benefits of meditation are huge and have been scientifically proven again and again. Stress relief, mental wellbeing, reduces anxiety and depression, increases awareness, creates clarity the list goes on.... meditation is one of the simpliest and most poweful rituals that can be implemented in day to day life. 

There are sooo many different types of meditation but the one I personaly have reaped the benefits of is Mindfullness. Basically Mindfullness is being completely present and aware of the current moment. Mindfullness IS something we should all naturally have but with our lives being so busy and hectic all the time our minds are constantly going. Constant thoughts are always racing. Some concious, most not. We begin to get caught in an auto pilot mode not even noticing that we’re not ever thinking about the current moment, we are always in tomorrow, yesterday, later.

Our minds are in so many moments, apart from the most important one of all. This one right here. 

Jon Kabat Zinn is a researcher of mindfulness further explains... 


Although meditation is often seen in society as monks sitting in a circling uhming away - but it isn't, not in this case anyway.

Mindful meditation is simply that, being mindful. Sitting or laying in a moment and simply being. Letting thoughts come and go and letting them go without judgement. That's the most important part. When we sit and be still thoughts will bombared our minds (this auto pilot thinking) but when we practice mindfulness we simply let these thoughts be there and focus the present moment. This can be our breathe, the sounds outside, the sensation of the surface we're sitting on. Guided meditations are an amazing way to get into meditating aswell. I will link some below. Spending just 10 minutes of your day to simply focus on just BEING can create the biggest change in your life. And our brains are just like a muscle the more the you do something the better it gets and the more you will see the benefits. 

For me personally when I started meditating it helped me so much with anxiety and anxious negative thoughts. I would often feel so overwhelmed with anxiety and negative thoughts that I couldn't think of anything else, but once I started to become more mindful of the present moment my anxious thoughts became less and less common. 

This post ended up being super long but I honestly couldn't talk more highly of meditation and I know that it's growing in popularity in the westernized society to! 

Here are some YouTube guided meditation links that I use: 

There are also soo may great apps which makes it super easy!

Anyway I hope this helps someone even just a little bit!

With love, Gracie 




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