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The Power of Affirmations

The Power of Affirmations

On your day to day life you are bombarded with thousands of thoughts. Most sub conscious and a minority conscious thoughts.  You might have heard people say something along the lines of, “if you say something enough you start to believe it”, well I’m here today to tell you how powerfully true that statement can be.

At the start of the year one of my good friends told me I should start saying affirmations to myself everyday in order to make changes in my life. At first I thought,” wtf is an affirmation? That’s never going to work”. I was struggling with anxiety issues at the time and eventually got to the point where I was like,” you know what I’ll give it a go but I doubt its going to work” Basically an affirmation is normally defined as an action or process of affirming something. I started trying to say to myself statements along the lines of, “I am stronger then my anxiety” and “I am free from all negative thoughts”. I didn’t notice anything different at the start. But eventually, what I did start to notice was how negative my actual mind frame was about dealing with anxiety. I was constantly waking up in the morning thinking, “oh today is going to be horrible, I’m probably going to be anxious all of today”. I kept reminding myself how “horrible” it was that I was dealing with anxiety and thought I was “doomed” for a life with anxiety. When I started consciously letting positive thoughts in my head, I became so much more aware of my negative thoughts.

Eventually, every time I got a negative anxious thought I would say to myself, “I am stronger then my anxiety” and just breathe. Now its been a few months of me consciously saying to myself that I’m strong and amazing and now I honestly DO believe that I AM stronger then anxiety or whatever obstacle I have in my life. Your thoughts are everything. You are the creator of your own reality and once you become aware of that, everything changes.

I’m not saying that I’m “perfect” now, or that I’m not ever going to struggle with things in my life because of affirmations, but what I am saying is your thoughts are so powerful and positive thoughts can take make huge changes in your life.

Obviously, affirmations don’t just apply to people who deal with anxiety. I use them in a lot of ways now. To allow peace and health into my life etc. If you’re thinking you want to try using affirmations in your life or a certain area of your life remember to always say, “I am” instead of “I will”. I am represents the action.

I know it probably sounds silly or some of you might already use a similar thing in your life now but I went from not being able to walk into a post office I was so afraid of having a panic attack to slowly living the carefree life I use to live.

I hope this helps at least one person anyway, or just shows you how powerful your mind and your belief/thought system can be!

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