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Epic vegan eats in Bali

Epic vegan eats in Bali

I recently returned home from an almost month long trip through Bali. Though I've been there many times before I have never visted eating a plant based diet. It had been around 2 years since I last visted and I had a number people raving to me about all the insane vegan places that have open around Bali. And boy did I eat good. 

Not going to lie, most of the cafes I'm about to mention are all pretty westernized, so if you're heading to Bali and want to expeirence traditional Balienese and Indoniesian food maybe don't go out of your way to eat at the following. That being said, traditional indo food is the best and can easily be made vegan! Some of the best food I ate came from warungs (meaning small family run restaurant) and night markets. Most warungs are a buffet style of eating and contain heaps of different types of veggies, loads of tempe and different Indonesian dishes, as mentioned which can be easily turned vegan and cost around 1 dollar for a plate including rice. Gili Trawangan had the BEST night market located along the front of the beach, it seemed like every man and his dog came to grab a feed even the locals. 

Alrigh so here we go with some insane vegan cafes around the beautiful island of Bali!

1. Crate - Canggu

Crate cafe is located in Canggu around a 20-30 minute drive from Kuta/Legian. Crates menu is insane, from smoothe bowls for five dollars to epic vegan burgers and salads. The whole menu isn't vegan but the majority is and at a pretty reasonable price. I that I kept returning because everytime I left I found myself needed to try another item on the menu. The actual cafe has an industrial vibe (suppose thats why it's called crate?????) and is really estetically pleasing. ALSO, the coffee is actually very decent! Which can be a bit of a rarity while traveling around Bali, not to mention they often have vegan muffins and brownies at the counter, which would be rude not to try, right? Anyway, I would 10/10 reccomend this place to eat, catch up with friends and appreiciate how good food is!

2. Divine Earth - Seminyak 

Ohhhhh myyyy lord. Divide Earth has to be on of the best places I've ever eaten hands down. Their menu is FULLY vegan and also has a "cooked" and "raw" menu which is pretty epic (their menu is huuuugeeee). My friends and I first discovered Divine Earth via instagram and set off on our scooters to find it among the busy streets of Seminyak! The raw sushi rolls were definitley a hghlight, the "rice" is made out of seed sticks, cashews and nutritional yeast, paired with avo, carrot and lots of other goodies.

Divine has everything, from smoothie bowls, deserts, burgers, pizza, pasta and I'm pretty sure I tried all of it ... not mad about it, TAKE MY MONEY. 

Raw sushi rolls 

Raw sushi rolls 

3. The Shady Shack - Canggu 

Also located in Canggu The Shady Shack was definitley another highlight of my vegan food endeavours. The actual cafe is adorable, surrounded by loads of plants and greenery, it's the perfect place to enjoy breakfast or lunch before attempting to surf at echo beach. It's not the cheapest place you'll eat in Bali but the menu is fully vegetarian with loads of vegan options and still considerably cheaper then Australian vegan cafes. The "Island Life" smoothie and the "Choc tops" are both insaaaane!

Super food salad

Super food salad

4 - The Banyan Tree - Gili Trawangan 

Located on the beach right near the dock of GIli Trawangan, The Banyan Tree is a little slice of heaven among the sometimes choatic party island of GIli T.  The Banyan Tree is a fully vegatarian cafe with an large menu that makes you want to try pretty much everything! The other thing that I really liked about this cafe (it also had aircon) was the ethics and values it up holded, preaching plastic free living! Which is even more important to be aware of when staying on a small island like Gili. My friend and I shared the green smoothie bowls, rice paper rolls and also a raw carrot cake! Sooo good. The coffee wasn't too bad either!

Definitley check it out if you're ever on the island. 

Green smoothie bowl & Rice paper rolls 

Green smoothie bowl & Rice paper rolls 


5 - Bali Buda Cafe - Ubud 

Okay, so Ubud is absolutely compacted with insane food, amazing yoga studios and vegan coconut ice cream (I will return on this one). Right down the road from the yoga studio Radiantly Alive is Bali Buddah Cafe. I ate here a number of times in a few short times just because the menu was sooooo good! They have a blend of indo food and vegan food, but all super healthy, fresh and delicious! The perfect place to recharge after a morning of yoga or feast after a night class! The cafe doesn't provide wifi as they want people to actually communicate with eachother and enjoy their meals, which I thought was pretty cool. They're also super aware of the damage that plastic is doing to our world and Bali inparticular. I never left this cafe dissapointed. I got the Bali Buda Bowl, Vegetarian Nasi Campur and Spring rolls (of course). 

Bali Buda Bowl 

Bali Buda Bowl 


Honestly... I feel like this post could go on forever so I'm just going to wrap it up with one final gem....


This place has the most insane coconut ice cream you'll ever taste, I promise. Also located in Ubud, Tukies Ice cream has a range of different goodies to choose. For around 2 dollars you can get a cup of coconut ice cream served with coconut brittle and flakes. You'll probably want another one and then one more and then BAM you've spent all your money for the trip on vegan ice cream but hey, worth it I'd say. 

These are only a handful of vegan cafes in Bali that are amazing but I hope it gives some sort of inspiration or direction if you're heading over to the country soon!

What are your favourite vegan places to eat around the world? I'd love to know! Leave a comment or message me <3


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