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From coffee to wine

From coffee to wine


This past weekend one of my friends and I set off to make the most of another miserable and rainy Saturday and Sunday . As I mentioned in my last blog post the weather has been ridiculously depressing over the past month or so. We've has enough! We're pale, we're sad and we want the sun.... We decided we may as well make the most of this mundane weather so we set off on a little adventure into the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast. 

My grandma owns a beautiful property out the back of Mapelton - it's seriously something special. Much of my childhood was spent exploring the crevasses of trees, getting attacked by leeches on bush walks and being completely free to run as far as I wanted to. Mornings were spent helping my grandma make her famous, irreplaceable pancakes and playing "hair dressers" with my the hair my grandad had left.  I feel like it's only now that I truly appreciate those moments I had when I was younger.  My granddad sadly passed away over a month ago now. Going back to the property where I had so many integral moments with him, it made me realise how much he's still here. He's in the books that cover the shelves, the Louis Armstrong CD that's still in the player, the art that he loved and decorated the walls with and the fire place that he spent so many years around. He's still here - but he's not. And that's okay.  

Anyway back to the weekeend....

We popped up to Montville and had a glass of Merlot at The Edge Cafe. God we where proud of how classy we were being! I mean it was only 12pm and we're drinking while the cafe was filled with families having lunch but the thought was still classy.  The Edge is the perfect place to enjoy a cuppa coffee, a cheeky vino or any beverage of choice really (but I mean there are two clear winners here). The view is amazing. After the vino we ended up finding a wine tasting cellar down the road (of course we did) and went on to pretend we were interested in buying a fancy bottle of wine until we had tried every red on the menu - just doing my mum proud, ya know. 

We grabbed some necessities for dinner and headed up to my grandmas property. It's called "Lomandra" and has a small little cabin and a house that my grandma and grandad built together. We spent the afternoon floating around the property, we were both in awe of how beautiful it is out there. 

After the sun went down, we cooked up an epic dinner, poured a glass of red, put on The Beatles album and talked absolute nonsense. The house has wooden floors which are perfect for sock sliding so a good hour was spent running around and sliding around the floor - exactly like I did when I was a kid. 

Mornings are my favourite out there. As the sun comes up the light breaks through the trees and it looks like there's glitter falling down onto the ground. I woke up, admired the light, starting re-reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and had a cuppa tea. A perfect Sunday morning. 

Also, for all my single ladies out there, let this be a PSA that you don't need a boyfriend to enjoy a relaxing adventure. Just grab ya bestie, a bottle of wine and good spirits and I promise you won't have a bad time. Do something different! You will not regret it. 

I hope everyone got up to some good or bad things this weekend, it doesn't really matter. Here's to appreciating the things that happen between coffee and wine. To death and life. To good friends and good food and to my grandad for being the best, always. 

(And Amy for always being up for being my model 24/7)

With love, 

Gracie x



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