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What university doesn't tell you about graduating

What university doesn't tell you about graduating

As I sit down to write this blog post I'm only hours away from putting on the iconic graduation black gown and hat and walking on stage to finally receive my graduation certificate. Although it's been a good four months since I actually finished all of my university classes and wrapped everything up for the semester, the university I went to holds the graduation early in the next year from when you finished classes. (still not sure why) (very weird) (and annoying)

I went straight from high school to university, spent a semester studying abroad in America and came home to watch the last year of my degree race past me. For me, university was always on the cards. I've always wanted to do Journalism and I'm happy I did it, but just because university was my pathway doesn't mean it's yours, or anyones. 

I feel as a society there's so much pressure on people to get a higher education, which is great, don't get me wrong, but it's not for everyone! And sometimes there's honestly no need. I am constantly hearing in passing conversations when running into family friends, school teachers and old sport coaches, "What are you up to now? Are you studying".  These two questions feel seem to be all people enquire about. I feel like this stigma has been created that if you're not studying you're not doing anything or not getting anywhere in life, but did you know how many successful people never got a degree, never even completed high school? Ellen Degeneres, Steve Jobs and even John D. Rockerfeller never completed university! These people are all extremely successful and are only a few extremely high profile cases. 

I'm not bagging out of uni of course, I mean, I loved learning and I loved my course but it does not define you! I think it's so important to realise and remind yourself that just because you don't have a degree or you're not studying towards one, doesn't make you any less worthy in society. You can do anything as long as you're living out your days with passion and love with what you do. 

But back to the actual title of this blog post..... 

Like I said, looking back on everything, uni flew straight past my eyes. In my final year I honestly didn't even think about applying for jobs. I had this vision in my head that I'd spend the next year lazing around the beach everyday, working a cruisy cafe job part time and finally relaxing after years of being stressed. That didn't happen. My tutors never warned me about the anxiety that comes after you graduate. 

After I finished all my classes I went to Bali for around a month, which was suppose to be the start of my ultimate year of relaxation. That was until one of my other friends who went to university with me landed an awesome job straight up. I panicked. Suddenly I was stricken with anxious and worrying thoughts constantly about how I had to get my dream job with an amazing pay right off the bat. When I got home from my trip I started applying for jobs like a mad woman. I'm telling you, I'd spend hours everyday applying for jobs all over Australia. I felt disheartened every time I wouldn't get a reply and I was constantly checking my emails. I know that this is a reality for so many graduates not just me. I mean, sure I didn't spend the last year of my degree making solid ties to land a job straight off the bat (which is my fault) but no body ever warned me about how it felt to not hear anything. For days, weeks and even months. 

People are constantly asking you, so what are you up too now you've finished uni?! It almost feels embarrassing every time I had to admit that I was still just working at the local vegetarian job. I wish I was told and warned about how it doesn't matter and that the right job will come along. Because it did and if it hasn't for you, it will. 

I'm actually kind of living the best of both worlds at the moment. I'm working a job that I didn't expect to be working but I actually really like and for the first time in along time - I'm not stressed. I have time for myself. Time to do things I haven't had time to do for alonggggggg time! Life's too short to be constantly under the pump! I'm really learning and embracing how important and significant time is and how much we all deserve a bit of time for ourselves. To be kind. To invest in what we love doing and to sometimes do a whole lot of nothing. 

This blog post is for anyone studying, anyone who feels like they need to be studying, anyone studying and hating it or someone studying and loving it. At the end of it all, spend your days doing things that that serve and grow you. Invest in things, places, experiences and people that make you feel good. As cliche as it it life's wwwaaaaaaayyyy to short to be spent miserable studying something you hate, if working in a cafe or dog grooming shop for the rest of your life is going to make you the happiest you can be then so be it! 

Everything is always where it needs to be, exactly when it needs to be there. Remember that. 


Hehe what a rant of a post. 

With love, 

Gracie x 





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