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Strawberry fields...forever?

Strawberry fields...forever?

Here are some moments I have captured over the past few months of my life.

God, they were good.

Taking photos, writing down and documenting moments and phases we go through in life can end up being one of the most important, valuable and treasurable things we do in all of the time we get given.

Often we don’t realise what the good days are until we are far beyond them.

The past few months have been some of the best in my whole life. I’ve gone strawberry picking twice, finally paid a trip to see my sister, made some pretty darn good memories with a really nice boy, spoke to a group of young girls struggling with anxiety and scored a new job.

I’m a pretty lucky gal really.

I’ve also re-discovered my love for music, writing and creativity in general - which is exciting. 

Piccies bellow (If you would like to read a rant I have provided one at the end of the blog post)


In other news I boogied too hard the other night and lost my phone!!!!! 

So I’m currently rocking the off the grid life (kind of). Not really, I still have a laptop and I made an investment of a $29.50 Acatel phone from Coles but anyway!

I haven’t been able to post my lil random splurges of self love and positive affirmations on my Instagram and I really, honestly miss it.

It’s made me realise I have a huge passion for mental health and the general well being of others. Reading, sharing and writing those little posts mean so much to me and if they could impact one persons day I would be so so so incredibly stoked.

I started a new job and I’m exposed to national news everyday and it’s opened my eyes, mind and heart to how important it is that love is at our core.  There's is an insane amount of hate and pain in this world. It is so detrimental to be the light. I want to be the light.

In everything we do, everything we say, everything we touch, we must do it all with love.

In love darkness cannot hide. In darkness love shines.

Love more.

Gracie x

Last minute decisions are the best kind of decisions

Last minute decisions are the best kind of decisions

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