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I randomly took these photos the other afternoon as my friend and I drove up to my grandmas to cook her dinner and pay her a visit. 

We pulled over and jumped out of the car just in time for the sunset.

Shortly after admiring the view we couldn’t resist the urge to go say hello to the cows that lived in the block of land across the road. We ran over and started trying to communicate with the cows letting out all types of ridiculous sounds that sort of (maybe, kind of) a “moo” of a cow. 

We laughed. Hard. The kind of laugh that makes your tummy hurt and your cheeks feel stiff.

Maybe we found a bit too much amusement in such a simple moment but I've been thinking that we should live for these simple moments.

These moments are often the ones that stay with us.

That light us up inside.

So often these moments turn into stories among friends or another reason to adore one another.

And sometimes, if we’re lucky, we get to capture these moments.

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Cabins & Flying Tooth Paste

Cabins & Flying Tooth Paste

A montage of moments

A montage of moments