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Perfect afternoons don't exi....

Perfect afternoons don't exi....

Good morning, 

SO! I believe that a few of my friends and I have found the answer to the perfect summer afternoon, even better if performed on a friday. 

My friends and I have made a little tradition of getting some nibbles, grabbing a speaker, a cheeky cider or 6 and heading down to the beach. Setting up a little rug and watching the sunset with some tunes from Mac Demarco or Bon Iver and a pack of UNO = creating THE perfect arvo. 

I honestly think it’s the little things like this that make your days special. Everyone’s always living for the weekend or living for another moment that isn’t this one right now, but I dunno... I think this one looks pretty good.  

Go do something special.  

With love,





Teaaaaaa time

Teaaaaaa time